The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) launched a device that is able to be used for personal protection from pollution. The device, known as ‘Airlens’ maybe a nasal wearable device created by a team of Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT) with the assistance of AIIMS doctors. This team ‘PerSapien Innovations’ is currently a start-up venture, recognized by the govt. of India.

Owing to the breathless pollution within the Capital, the device would facilitate separate the pollutants from the air-supported molecular technology – AN app system backed by advanced technology for providing pollution knowledge at a private level and feedback on protection achieved. The two-centimeter use-and-throw device has the capability to bring the air to safe levels for the individual.

Currently, the device is available just for kids at a reasonable value, that is Rs five hundred per month i.e. Rs fifteen per day, and might be bought from the team’s website ‘’.

In the future, the teams are going to be launching a product for adults likewise.

The product was launched at the Constitution Club of India by AIIMS Director Padamshree Randeep Guleria, who aforesaid that pollution is a silent killer which is creating a health emergency in the country, and there is a strong ought to initiate a movement to guard the atmosphere.

Three months back AIIMS, along with four different institutes, started a study focusing on the effects of pollution. The four centers, that started its survey in July 2017, also will concentrate on the emergency admissions due to pollution throughout the weather modification. The study, funded by the Indian Council of Medical analysis, will release the annual trend in July next year.

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