GoDaddy, Bajaj, Vodafone, Airtel, TATA – in all these brands one thing is common that is their engagement promotional campaigns. Even after a long time, customers are still connected with all of them.

Nowadays, Creating effective Content is a very Big Challenge for start-ups. Sometimes they hire content marketing agencies, sometimes freelancers.

As we all know, Content is only a thing who can attract customers towards your products/services. As per Harvard Reports, Concentration of customers has increased 7-9 times than last 2 decades.
In earlier times individual would be exposed to content during 15-20 mins newspaper reading and max 1 hour TV & Radio Sessions. But Today, every individual is exposed to content on an hourly basis on the internet and social media.

#3 Tips to create effective content for Promotional Campaigns:

Endless Time:

Promotional Campaign must have an effective content that individuals can connect for quite a long time to come. For effective content, you need to have patience.


This is major method to create an effective content for promotional activity in today’s competitive environment. If your content is not relevant to your service/products, you’ll never attract/retain your customers. Today, all your target audience have so many options, it becomes very critical to convey a relevant message to your audiences.


The third method is equally critical to creating an effective content for your promotion. The advertiser must ensure that they create effective content that individuals want to see. As we all know, Engagement plays a key role in creating successful campaigns.

That’s all about “#3 Tips to Create an Effective Content for Promotional Activity”.
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Having 5+ years of Experience in Operations Head, Logistics, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, UI/UX Designing. Anupama B Gaba is currently engaged with 2 entities one is TechnoGripper Solutions Private Limited as Director and another is WEXT.in Community as Cofounder.

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