There are tons of things one needs to plan as an entrepreneur. You don’t need to be busy all day to achieve success. Instead, work smartly. Plan well. So today we’ll be catering few weekly habits which every entrepreneur needs to follow or does not need to follow.
Each and every step and action you do on daily basis is what makes your life. The world has brought a lot more attention to the word ‘entrepreneur’ and it seems to be that their life is way cooler. But, what everybody doesn’t know about is the daily struggle they go through.

Weekly Habits And Pro-tips You Need To Follow As Entrepreneurs

WEXT India Ventures brings you few pro tips and weekly habits, you as an entrepreneur can follow for a more sorted life. And thus, one needs to avoid just the opposite of these points, that is, what not to do.

Pro-Tip 1: Move The Needle

Do not work vaguely. Make 5 big goals for each year. Mark those goals in big block letters and make sure that they are around you every time you move your eyes. When you see these goals daily, that will be the time when you would be agitated. But you shouldn’t be agitated. The whole purpose of this will be that you work hard to achieve your success. Think, what will be that one thing that might take you to reach that goal.
To achieve the year-end goal, you need to make a daily goal and a weekly and monthly goal. Make sure you fix these goals and achieve them on a priority basis. These little goals when achieved on time will take you towards your year-end goal.

Pro-Tip 2: Schedule Your Non-Negotiables

What are the important things in your life that you are not ready to negotiate? Well, if you can’t think of one, we might suggest that it might be healthy. Physical, emotional, and mental health is absolutely important in order to achieve your goals.
Following are the demo goals you need to set for yourself for a successful entrepreneurship life:
  • Move your body for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
  • Fuel your body with healthy, non-processed food.
  • Indulge in a habit. It may be dancing, reading, listening to music, playing music, bird-watching, planting trees, and more. Basically a self-rejuvenating time for a more peaceful mind.

Pro-Tip 3: Work In Sprints

Keep a time slot for your one work. Suppose you have been assigned 1 hour for a particular work. Now, finish that work and do not move till the time that task is finished.
Why so? If you still haven’t noticed, the reason behind this logic is that if you break your focus and multitask, chances are that you will end up taking more time to complete that task and the work will be less productive too.
Turn off all your social media apps, your e-mails, put your phone on silent and try to get up only after your finish the job. Keep all the elements away which you think might disturb you. Take breaks between your work. You won’t be able to achieve it all in a day. Therefore, make sure whatever the deadlines are, whatever the time limit is, you are not over-judging and setting them. Instead, be reasonable, think how much time you would actually take, plus-minus both, and then put up the time limit. Remember, you can food your brain once, but if you keep doing it, you will be the one more agitated.

Pro-Tip 4: Be kind To yourself

Do not forget to give yourself time. Do what makes you happy. Write your plan and weekly habits for me-time. Make sure to do that. Your me-time is like therapy. It will re-energize you and thus will help you in keeping calm and more productive.
Stay tuned with WEXT India Ventures for more entrepreneurial tips.

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