To satisfy customers by selling high-quality expensive products and interiors at an unbelievable budget-friendly cost is not an easy piece of work. So far, very few companies can earn good success & credit in this. The craving and demand of the customers for different designing options are unlimited. And for most of the companies, it’s a big challenge to understand exactly the customer’s satisfactory want & need?

But the Super Bolter is fully incomparable in their offering in the market. A broad customized startup, which is soon going to launch itself in the market. The part of Karnataka Government’s big initiative ‘KBITS’ program and ‘Startup India’.

About SuperBolter

To purchase the right choice of furniture & selecting the right choice interiors are specifically a big gamble. For the best instant choice and selection of the consumers, Super bolter has distinctively designed an active consumer-friendly platform of AI, AR & VR support based, widely helps the consumers in viewing, choosing and in instant purchasing of the right product from home. The platform is currently is in a closed beta stage but will soon be active by invitation.

Scope of SuperBolter

This active user or customer-friendly platform is made keeping in mind the requirement of all sorts of customers. This platform includes two key players (i) customer and (ii) retailer. For customers, to view the products through proprietary AI & 3D visualization technology is kept simple.

Mission & Vision behind SuperBolter

In terms of best-in-class interiors and product selling, its broad mission is to cover 1000 home in this financial year.  And in vision is to transform every space of its startup ecosystem into a quite attractive, beautiful and functional look.

Story behind SuperBolter

Home is a reflection of self, which to furnish with attractive interiors designing and furniture is a desire of every household. Such interiors and furniture settings, which can provide extended free space at home. In the whole industry, there are thousands of similar type of shops, companies, and products, and to select the best one from them as per house need & the choice is extremely difficult and challenging for customers. This problem more or less is extended to office and commercial spaces as well. However, there are few solutions available in the market even though there are many design tools and design inspiration sites.

Reach And Expansion Plans – SuperBolter:

At the starting phase of the business, its primary target will largely remain over the local market in Bangalore. Bangalore has more than 10,000 homes that will get furnished in this year. The estimated cost it involves in it is around Rs.3,000 Cr. The aim of Super Bolter is to go at that pie. This startup is just in the way of launching its business. Can’t reveal the expansion strategy and planning.  But it has prepared a very exciting roadmap for the products as well as of the business.

Future Projection – Super Bolter:

Its current mission and planning are to deliver 1000 homes through this platform in the next 12 months.

An Important Advice For Entrepreneurs:

Those young entrepreneurs, who are hoping for success in this business should be more consumers focused instead of products focused. And secondly, should keep the focus on the value creation instead of valuation.

Arvind Prakash Singh
Founder & CEO – SuperBolter

A writer having expertise in writing Multiple Domains. An Enthusiastic writer with a passion for Reading and writing. A Dedicated Reader and Multi Dimension Writer in WEXT India Ventures. I'm creating highly informative content for WEXT India Ventures about Entrepreneurship and Shark Tank India.

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