Facebook is considered as a part of a most widely used web-based social networking platforms. Launched in 2004, the site was at first opened up just to the student of Harvard and later in 2006 it really opened up its registration to any person who has attained an age of 13 years. Inside a traverse of only 10 years, this site has developed out so much that it is not only social networking platform any longer, and has additionally cleared its way into virtual reality, mobile commerce to name a few.

To put it plainly, it implies that the ever growing organization is looking out the superb professional’s volunteers like programmers, web designers, managers and different other individuals who will guarantee that the back end processes run smooth & stable.

Using the Stats provided by Glassdoor, Here are some Highest Salaries which an individual can earn while working in Facebook.

Note: The salary mentioned here is just their base pay excluding the bonuses. Also only those salaries were considered which had about 10 reviews.

Position salary organization
Engineering Manager $ 166,561 Facebook Inc.
Senior Software Engineer $160,638 Facebook Inc.
Software Engineer V $156,546 Facebook Inc.
Product Manager $147,469 Facebook Inc.
Technical Program Manager $146,282 Facebook Inc.
Database Engineer $141,635 Facebook Inc.
Data Scientist $137,184 Facebook Inc.
Research Scientist $137,134 Facebook Inc.
Software Engineer IV $136,833 Facebook Inc.
Front End Engineer $136,131 Facebook Inc.
Production Engineer $134,775 Facebook Inc.
Product Designer $133,810 Facebook Inc.
Network Engineer $132,129 Facebook Inc.
Product Marketing Manager $126,142 Facebook Inc.
Software Engineer $125,515 Facebook Inc.
User Interface Engineer $120,987 Facebook Inc.
Partner Engineer $116,862 Facebook Inc.
Applications Operations Engineer $114,197 Facebook Inc.
Software Engineer III $113,830 Facebook Inc.

Visitors, now that you know about the amazing salary packages offered for the different designation at Facebook Inc, the qualified applicants can consider joining Facebook by signing into their profession page and unquestionably profit.

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